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Have you ever stopped to wonder about how quickly the weight loss craze has spiralled out of control? We are living in an era where famous celebrities either talk about their weight or flaunt their diet or fitness routine across social media every single second of the day.

We are bombarded with skinny pregnant women telling us how women’s bodies should look like during each trimester, and then post endless pictures of themselves #snatched, snapping back into shape just days after giving birth.

Increasing numbers of men are also jumping on the bandwagon. Every minute, social media is ambushed with countless posts of ‘Fitness Models’ who have clearly gone overboard with tricks of the trade like fake tan, body contouring, and wearing minimal outfits specifically selected to enhance their embellished six packs. Girls spend hours posing in yoga pants that fit like a second skin, skimpy thongs and tops that cover less than a bra, all under the guise of ‘fitness motivation’. I just had to laugh at the fact that the ‘Insta-Famous’ crew, as I like to call them, spend hours every day posing, flexing every muscle and flaunting their bodies in every angle imaginable, all in the name of inspiring others to be fit.

It is understandable that most people look at these images with envy thinking “Wow, I would do anything to have a body like that”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I agree that it’s all well and good to encourage people to live a healthy life, but sadly more often than not, the truth of the matter is some of the #fitspo crew are as fake as a Chinese Prada purse.

Whilst there are many people who genuinely work their arse off and lift weights to their maximum capability, there are also a surprising amount of people who choose less honourable ways of achieving their desired results and go out of their way to deliberately hide the true lengths they go to achieve their physique.

Undisclosed Secrets

* Many people use plastic surgery as a quick fix, such as liposuction

* It is becoming increasingly popular for people to have a gastric bypass

* Some use a cocktail of steroids to trick their growth hormone and overload their system with unnatural levels of testosterone (aka Special Vitamins )

* Many people lie about how long it took for them to achieve their goals, and the level of dedication it took to replace excess body fat with endless rippling muscles

* The majority of people use a number of different apps that alter and  photoshop their photo (CGI tricks)

* There has been an increase in girls who have admitted to actually starving themselves, and even go as far as to prepare food purely for the purpose of taking #inspo pictures when the food ends up in the bin!

* One of the most terrifying things I found out, is that even supermodels have admitted to eating cotton wool to fool the stomach into thinking it is full! Yeah, if you don’t believe me, google it. Even scarier, is the fact that many young women idolise them, often seeing them as role models!

So, my point is that you shouldn’t be discouraged when you haven’t achieved your goal despite following every passing fad diet, drinking a selection of recommended celebrity endorsed weight loss ‘protein’ shakes (which often have less protein than an egg and even less nutritional value), spending a fortune on meal replacement plans, and  meticulously counting every single calorie that enters your bloodstream. All whilst maintaining a rigorous workout regime twice a day, 7 days a week.

The fact is, real change takes time, consistency and dedication. You need to remind yourself that we all have different bodies and our metabolism ratio is not only different from one person to the next but can fluctuate from time to time based on an extensive and often unmanageable list of variables. We have to consider realistic approaches to long-term weight loss and more importantly, making better choices every day to work towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. For example, it is very unlikely that a 350lb person will be able to achieve the body of a supermodel within 6 months.

Many fitness instructors advertise unrealistic weight loss diet and workout routines, preying on the hopes of desperate and vulnerable people, just to make a quick buck. As someone who has achieved significant weight loss, and more importantly maintained this whilst increasing muscle mass, strength, mental and physical power, I urge you not to fall for it because I can tell you that losing weight is actually quite simple – Calories in vs Calories out. This is the fundamental backbone behind successfully reducing excess body fat. We live in a world where unlimited information is available at the tip of your finger, you don’t need a fancy gym membership or the latest workout gear. All you need is yourself – it’s mind over matter!

By reducing your calorie input and increasing your calorie output, you use fat which is basically stored energy, and this is known as a ‘calorie deficit’, resulting in weight loss, and body fat. When you eat more than you burn, you’re in a ‘calorie surplus’, and this will always result in weight gain. It is also very important to consider that losing a pound of body fat requires a deficit of 3,500 calories. Therefore, any nutritional plan designed to lose or maintain weight should revolve around this.

We should also remind ourselves that we are not looking to get fit just to be able to post a picture on social media and get loads of likes or show off to our friends and family but we should focus on the enormous benefit of wellness, exercise and good health. The vanity clause lingers when you take your eye off the ball instead of concentrating on the end goal.

To recap, losing weight requires hard work and consistency!  It takes time and you should focus on long-term success and maintain a body weight that is suitable for your daily functions and activity levels, rather than staring at the weighing scales willing the numbers to reduce. The chances are, if you are going above and beyond to lose weight, and your body is showing very little signs of progress, then either your nutrition needs to be re-evaluated or perhaps your body was designed to maintain more muscle than the average skeletal ‘beauty’ across every magazine!

Set realistic goals, stick to a routine that works best for you, challenge yourself every time you train by pushing yourself to the limit, and you will be amazed at the exceptional things that your body was designed to achieve. Don’t be swept up by the latest fitness hypes out there, ignore the fitness models that have been specifically selected to target people who are desperate to feel better about themselves. Instead, focus on yourself, understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to ensuring you are in control of your own happiness!

Make conscious sacrifices and never overcompensate your workout with food. As the famous saying goes, you can never out-train a bad diet! Your journey is not a quick fix, but an investment in not only your future but those around who can learn from your mistakes. Your goal should be to stay at the top of your game and keep your health at the optimum level, and forget about the lies that the media bombard you with!

Stay strong, Warriors.


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