Written by R.S Jacobs

Body fat Caliper image EDITNowadays, there is so much information available about BMI, body fat, body weight and many often contradictory methods of deciding what your optimum weight or fat percentage should be.

Perhaps you have wondered what your body fat composition should be, and found it hard to decide which method was the best one in terms of your specific body type? Not one person has exactly the same body type which is why conventional methods such as checking your weight or BMI are mostly inaccurate. These methods do not fully take into consideration your muscle mass, build and overall structure.

To help you navigate your way through this, we have provided a simple effective solution – The Lean Waist Warrior Millimeter rule.

Ditch the scales, forget about the Kgs, Lbs or %. Lean Waist Warrior has devised a straightforward measurement system and you only need one tool – Calipers! Couldn’t be simpler!

Now, we don’t actually use the calipers to determine the body fat percentage but we use it to determine the abdominal tissue in MILLIMETERS. The abdomen consists of skin tissue, fat and muscle. You need a healthy composition of all three to maintain good health.

Your abdominal composition should be as follows:

Ideal                                                                       Average

Men: 8MM                                                              Men: 9MM – 15MM

Women: 9MM                                                       Women: 9MM – 15MM

Children: 7MM                                                      Children: 7MM – 13MM

How To Guide:

Step 1: While standing up straight, firmly pinch a fold of skin one inch above your right hip bone.

Step 2: Place the jaw of the caliper over the skin fold and make sure it is getting a good grip. Release skin fold whilst keeping the caliper at the same measurement so you can read the millimeter.

Step 3: Your average range should be between 9 mm – 15mm  for men and women, 7mm – 13 mm for children to be in a good healthy zone. If you have any number significantly lower or higher than that, you will need to do something about it. PRONTO!

The thickness of your skin fold in the abdominal area has a major significance in the prevention of certain conditions such as weight gain, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver diseases, cancer etc. To maintain a good average millimeter level in abdominal tissues, endeavour to exercise at least 30-45 mins a day, 5 days in a week.

When your abdominal region is in check, the rest of your body would have a healthy, lean and athletic look. So, try our LWW Millimeter rule and you might be surprised at how much you have achieved in your fitness and health journey!

Stay strong, warriors!


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