Written by R. S Jacobs

lemon-image-2Lemon is a multi-purpose superfruit that is packed full of vitamins, minerals and many other essential nutrients. The human body literally loves the plentiful benefits of this amazing fruit. Your tongue, on the other hand, might not immediately fall in love with the taste! I like to call lemon a multi-purpose fruit because it can be used in many different ways: squeeze on your food, with tea, add to water for flavour. Furthermore, you can use it as a topical treatment for the skin, hair, and even to disinfect wounds. How cool is that?

How about adopting this new mantra into your life, “A lemon a day, keeps the doctor away”. As mentioned earlier, Lemons have many vitamins and minerals such as A, B, C, D, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and iron to name a few. Therefore, each part of your body gets the necessary nutrients for optimum health. To top it off, it strengthens your immune system, making it more efficient at fighting infections and diseases. This is particularly helpful during the cold and flu season – As the saying goes, prevention is much better than a cure!

Lemon is excellent at regulating sugar levels in the blood and purifying the body throughout the detoxification process in the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, and heart. If you drink water with lemon particularly in the morning, you will be actively giving your body an internal detox cleanse, so if you don’t do this already, it’s time to start! Your entire system will be kick-started as this will activate the process of removing toxins, bacteria and other pathogenic invaders. Make it a daily habit to squeeze a full lemon into a glass of water and drink this in the morning before you eat. Beware that lemon is not particularly friendly to the tooth enamel, so always make sure you drink some more water after to rinse your mouth.

Lemon is especially rich in vitamin C, this is one of the main vitamins that assist the body in the absorption of calcium to maintain strong bones. Some professional athletes regularly have lemons to guarantee their vitamin C intake to sustain their daily calcium requirements according to their physical activities. It also has anti-inflammatory qualities that are essential in keeping your muscle tendons and ligament in good shape. By taking lemon as a preventative measure, it halts the early onset of wear and tear on bones and muscles, that are often visible in the form of osteoporosis or arthritis. Just remember, when you consistently have this awesome fruit, you are continually breathing life to your internal and external system.

Main Benefits of Lemon

* Good Skin. In addition to its richness in vitamin C, lemon is a wonderful anti-oxidant and a collagen booster. This automatically keeps your skin looking smoother, healthier, youthful and more radiant. A lot of people apply lemon juice to their face and skin to fight acne, remove blackheads and reduce eczema, the results are even better than anything you can find in a bottle!

* Post-Workout. When you exercise, you lose a lot of water and with this water loss, you also lose nutrients such as calcium and potassium. Drinking water with lemon significantly helps to replenish these essential nutrients. It also aids the reduction of lactic acid produced in the muscles during exercise due to its alkaline attributes.

* Helps Digestion. Lemon promotes the production of enzymes for an efficient digestive process. It can help to prevent constipation and bloating, which is a common side effect of poor digestion. It also helps to maintain and clean the gastrointestinal tracts.

* Suppress Cravings. Lemon naturally suppresses appetite and cravings. If you are trying to avoid giving into snacking urges or consuming empty calories, drinking lemon water will help to suppress your cravings. With its additional advantage of possessing nutrients, you can keep your body nourished while you stay focused on your health journey.

* Prevents Cancer. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, particularly one with high sugar levels. One of the enormous benefits of lemon is controlling sugar level in the blood, preventing oxidation of cells and maintaining a healthy alkaline level throughout the whole body. This creates a very inhospitable environment for cancer cells to grow in the first place.

* Brain Function. Potassium and magnesium levels found in lemon helps to invigorate brain and nerve functions. Studies have also shown that it helps to improve concentration, sharpens the memory and stimulated thinking process. In addition to all these, it helps to keep headaches at bay and calms the mind, keeping it stress-free!

* Eye Health. Lemon contains vitamin A which is a key nutrient for good eyesight. Vitamin C in Lemon also prevents the development of cataracts and other degenerative eye conditions.

With all these riveting benefits of lemon, your body would not only feel revitalised from the inside but you will be doing your whole body a massive favour. Remember, there are many ways to enjoy your lemon – (Adding it as a flavouring to water, have a slice with green tea, include it in your stuffing, drizzle over a salad, add to fish, vegetable dressing ) Make sure you try not to suck a lemon directly due to the risk of enamel erosion. It’s much better to dilute the squeezed juice in lots of water or better still, sprinkle the juice on your food.

Stay strong, warriors.

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