Written by R. S Jacobs

green-tea-image1If there is one tea that everyone should be drinking, it’s green tea. This tea is made from unfermented leaves, making it one of the least processed teas in the world. It is full of antioxidants and essential vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, folate, potassium and magnesium. The combination of all these antioxidants and vitamins help to fight unfriendly agitants in the body that contribute to the deterioration of health. The benefits of green tea help towards reversing the oxidation of cells and revive serious inflammation found in your internal system.

Green tea has become increasingly popular as a weight loss supplement, but often the true value is overlooked. Over the years, we have come to realise that it has many other benefits money can’t buy. Scientists and researchers found that drinking green tea is one of the contributory nexuses why life expectancy is increasing in Asia. In Japan, for example, studies show that those who drank up to 5 cups of green tea per day are less likely to die from heart disease, stroke and cancer. Findings also indicate that the risk of obesity was significantly reduced amongst this study group.

The heart is one of the organs that greatly benefits from consuming green tea, due to the substantial level of flavonoids, which are phytonutrients that help protect the heart chambers by lowering cholesterol levels, preventing clots and artery blockage. The antioxidants in green tea also prohibit the narrowing or hardening of the blood vessels. High-quality green tea without caffeine can also help to lower high blood pressure in the body and reduce the risk of stroke by up to 35%. Ultimately, this tea can help train your circulatory system to run efficiently.

If you need another reason to switch your regular tea to green tea, I have two words for you – Free radicals. When we eat, one of the main things the body uses to break down food is oxygen. During this process, oxygenic metabolism might become so stressed that it starts to produce byproducts, these are called free radicals.

Low amounts of free radicals in the body do not pose any harm. However, when there are too many free radicals, they begin to attack cells and organs. Think of it like slicing an apple, a tiny amount of oxygen exposure won’t cause any significant discolouration, however, long-term exposure quickly starts to cause it to break down. A similar scenario occurs within the body which explains why it is essential that we consume antioxidants, to avoid a buildup of free radicals. Green tea with a fresh slice of lemon or ginger (or both) is packed full of antioxidants and provides an excellent reason why you need to drink more of it.

Benefits of Green Tea.

* Liver Protection. Extracts from green tea help to prevent the accretion of fat around the liver. Too much fat surrounding the liver can cause liver inflammation or even worse, viral hepatitis. The additional fat causes the liver to significantly reduce lipid absorption and increase fatty metabolism.

* Body Detox. Naturally, your body gets rid of toxins as part of the natural daily detoxification process. Something people don’t seem to realise is that your body actually does a fantastic job at detoxifying itself, so don’t waste your time buying into these fad skinny detox tea diet regimes. This is one of the biggest diet scams on the market right now, and with endorsements from celebrities. The main added advantage of drinking green tea is that it supports the body’s modus operandi during detoxification by maintaining good hydration levels, whilst also supporting many other functions. Green tea contains polyphenols which maintain the oxidative stability while the body is eliminating waste.

* Immunity Booster. Green tea contains chemicals that keep your immunity system charged up and firing on all cylinders. It gives your body the ammunition to fight diseases, bacteria, viruses, parasites and foreign bodies. It also contributes to the reduction of autoimmune inflammatory conditions.

* Brain Protection. Polyphenols present in green tea protects the brain cells from dying out unnecessarily. Many Asian people drink tea to curb the decline of cognitive processing that is known to lead to diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. These same polyphenols also support the prevention of strokes and memory loss.

* Bone Health. Are you suffering from aches and pain? Try drinking 3 cups of green tea a day with ginger and lemon, as this can significantly relieve your pain. Arthritis and osteoporosis can be managed properly just by including this wonderful tea to your diet. It helps to maintain water levels in the bones and because it is packed full of vitamins, your bones will be stronger and denser.

* Combats Allergies. During allergy season, endeavour to drink green tea as it will help you block receptors that are key to allergies. Green tea reduces the production of immunoglobulin and histamine which are the two key compounds that trigger allergic reactions.

* Tooth Decay. People who drink moderate amounts of green tea daily can reduce the level of bacteria that formulates in the mouth, including helping to prevent cavities and bleeding gums. It also helps to balance oral pH level and inhibits the buildup of dental plaque.

As you can see above, the benefits of green tea truly are far beyond the common weight loss promise and just drinking it daily can keep us healthy and strong both externally and internally. What’s the harm in giving it a try today, it is very affordable and also comes in many different flavours. Alternatively go with nature, and use lemon or ginger to mix it up. The effects of green tea can differ from person to person, but one thing I can promise you is you won’t go wrong with this treasure in a teacup!

Stay strong, warriors.

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