Written by R. S Jacobs

ginger-imageGinger is an incredibly dynamic herb with unlimited medicinal and culinary benefits. It is one of nature’s greatest gifts, due to the fact that it is laden with tonnes of nutrients and anti-inflammatory qualities. Ginger has a great track record in preventing and treating diseases for thousands of years and it has just the right level of spice to hit the spot. In my opinion, this is the most essential superfood ingredient that should be eaten daily for nature’s very own healing power. It will help you maintain optimum health and therefore curb the risk of infections, heart disease, bone disease, diabetes and obesity.

Up until recently, I didn’t put too many efforts into researching why ginger was so good for the body, even though I occasionally have it with green tea because of the taste. It wasn’t until I was suffering from stomach cramps that I discovered the true wonders of this little gem. Like most people, I was used to using over the counter medication for even the slightest cold, but that is no longer the case as ginger always comes to the rescue. This incredible herb contains body friendly chemicals such as gingerols, zingerone and shogaols that act like a pain reliever for the stomach, intestine, brain and the nervous system. These chemicals are antiviral, antibacterial and highly anti-inflammatory, so before you rush to the chemist to get “man-made” concoctions to treat pain, headaches or discomfort, try having some fresh ginger and lots of water. You will be stunned by the result, nature really does know best!

Elite athletes use ginger before, during and after training due to the high energy properties. Studies show that ginger is a cardiotonic due to the fact that it elevates the strength of the heart by supplying a calcium-dense nutrient directly to the heart muscle cells. It also stops clotting and coronary blockage. When your heart gets the right nutrients and is working at its best, the quality of blood produced and distributed to your organs, brain, muscles, and bones would be of the highest quality. It also speeds up blood circulation, so vitamins and minerals like B, C, D, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and iron can reach those billions of cells effectively.

Did you know ginger tremendously help in the prevention of cancer? Chemicals found in ginger penetrate abnormal cells and destroy cancerous nuclear structures within those cells, thereby obstructing the growth of tumours and corrupt cellular formulation. Research conducted by oncologists suggest that ginger may be effective in the prevention and treatment of ovarian and prostate cancer, with many other forms of cancer benefiting from its healing prowess. Ginger is currently used to treat chemo-induced nausea in cancer patients and people who have already survived cancer should eat at least 1000 milligram a day of ginger as a preventative measure.

Benefits of ginger.

* Blood Sugar. Ginger works in partnership with insulin to regulate sugar levels in the body. High sugar levels are the root cause of type 2 diabetes and other related diseases. People suffering from this condition would benefit greatly from the potent power of ginger. It works by increasing the sensitivity of insulin and controls the glycemic index of food eaten.

* Prevents Cold. Ginger is rich in vitamin C which is a vital vitamin essential to maintaining and strengthening your immune system. In conjunction with other concentrated vitamins and mineral found in ginger, your body will be well equipped to fight cold/flu viruses and bacteria. Ginger mimics fever by increasing your body temperature to kill off the virus and quietly excrete it through sweat or urine. So, when you feel the sniffles coming on, remember to chew some ginger to stop it in its tracks

* Weight Loss. Ginger naturally increases your metabolism. Research suggests that it activates the natural fat burning receptors by increasing the thermogenesis which leads to an increase in burning calories. Therefore, with proper exercise and diet, adding ginger would boost your weight loss goals and prompt your body to switch into fat burning mode and burn more fat quicker.

* Cognitive Functions. As earlier discussed, ginger is full of minerals like potassium and magnesium. These minerals are necessary to improve memory and maximum cognitive functions. As people age, it is especially important that they start having their daily ginger intake to ensure a sound cognitive system. In addition, antioxidants found in ginger protect against a decline in the brain.

* Nausea Remedy. People who experience nausea or motion sickness should try this ancient home remedy by eating fresh ginger. It calms the muscular valve in the stomach and blocks the trigger that initiates the gag reflex. It also helps the production of various digestive enzymes that neutralise stomach acid.

* Muscle recovery. The main components of ginger have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, particularly the muscles. Eating ginger post-workout could help increase the recovery from swelling, muscle pain, damage or soreness. It increases the flow of blood into muscle tissues in order to heal any strains and build more muscle fibers.

* Skin Health. Apart from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of ginger, it protects the skin from damage usually caused by the sun. It helps to increase the production of collagen due to its high vitamin C content and increase blood flow to the skin surface for a healthier looking skin.

Arguably, ginger is the king of all spices and you would certainly get an abundant return on your investment if you start eating it. Make sure you eat a slice of ginger 3 times daily to constantly maintain intake. Alternatively, you can have ginger tea or spice your food with ginger powder. You should also know that ginger is not a surrogate for proper medical therapy.  People on blood thinning medication should consult their doctor before having ginger. Above all, ginger would keep you healthy and strong as an ox!

Stay strong, warriors!

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