Written by R. S Jacobs

insanity-imageI describe myself as a bit of a fitness connoisseur and just like any connoisseur, I expect only the best. I first started going to the gym as a hobby and also because I love working out with people around me which inadvertently pushes me to the limit. Seeing people dig deep and give it everything they have fuels my own desire to secretly win the battle of being the last one standing (I can be very competitive sometimes). However, over time, it was increasingly difficult to schedule time for the gym due to long hours at work. This was when I started looking into workout videos that I could do from the comfort of my own home.

When I bought my first workout DVD on Amazon, I deliberately chose one that would challenge me. Whilst I most certainly got a kick from it, after a couple of months, it became too repetitive and I soon got bored. I started to miss the gym as the DVD workout wasn’t challenging anymore. I spoke to my former personal trainer about it and he mentioned Insanity, P90X and a few others.

I wanted something that would totally kick my butt and Insanity well and truly lived up to its reputation. You know what they say “Be careful what you wish for”, I had never experienced anything like it! As someone who is very active, I considered myself to have pretty good cardio resistance but when I started Insanity, I quickly discovered there was another level of cardio. A cardio only the elite know of, cardio for the Olympians. It was like discovering a sacred gem that possessed the power to teleport you into a completely different realm of fitness altogether.

For those who don’t know, here is a brief overview of how Insanity works. Due to time constraints, I chose to do Insanity Max 30, which is 30 minutes of intense exercise. You work out for 3-5 mins straight, followed by a tiny break of 30 seconds and you continue this process for the entire 30 minutes. I felt my heart pounding almost immediately and that was it, I was hooked. Another thing that was so appealing is that it requires no weights, only your bodyweight and trust me, you use a lot of it. The good thing about Insanity is that there are modifications for those who find a particular routine difficult or for those who are suffering from injuries. The fitness instructor, Shaun T, advises people to take a break if you have to and never sacrifice your form.

Like many others, I tend to quantify my workout with the amount of sweat at the end of each workout. The only time I really sweat is at a HIIT Class, but Insanity took it up a notch. I started doing Insanity during the winter, so building up a sweat in a chilly room was pretty impressive. In the first month, I lost inches over my entire body, particularly from my waist and thighs, and even in places that I didn’t think I carried excess fat. In the second month, I started seeing definition in my arms and legs.

Why I chose Insanity above other workout DVDs on the market.

* Universal. The workout is designed in such a way that it doesn’t discriminate. Old, young, female, male, fit and unfit can take part. There is a person doing the simplified version of the routine in each video and you can modify yours depending on your personal or medical circumstance. All in all, you will definitely see results.

* Sweat. If you love to sweat during a workout, then Insanity will give you this in abundance. If you are like me and believe sweat is fat crying as it leaves the body, then Insanity is right up your street. What many people don’t realise is that sweat is an excellent way for toxins to leave your body, keep your skin soft and of course, as the skin is your largest organ so you need to take care of it just like you would your heart or lungs.

* Energy. I always feel totally energised after I complete my daily Insanity workout. When I went to the gym, I usually did my workouts in the evening to fit around my work, but when I tried Insanity in the morning I found it kept me energised and alert throughout the day. Now, I use insanity to kickstart my day and the release of dopamine/endorphin after each workout is more exhilarating than 10 coffees.

* Fat. Over a very short amount of time, you will see a difference in your body. Due to the intensity, Insanity burns a lot of calories during the workout and continues to burn calories throughout the day. I lost 8kg in 6 weeks without even following the Insanity diet plan (which encourages shakes, something I do not encourage). My arms started becoming more defined and I started seeing the beginning of abs that I never thought I would be able to achieve. More than losing weight, my body fat percentage has reduced significantly and I feel leaner, healthier, lighter and stronger than ever.

* Strength. With repetition, you get much better over time as it encourages you to push yourself to the max. For me, home workouts can become boring, but after almost one year, I am not bored yet. When I first started insanity, I wasn’t a big fan of push-ups, I could barely even do one, but now I love them and the result in my arms is amazing.

* Time. It saves a lot of time. When I was a regular gymer, I spent at least 1hr 30mins driving to the gym, working out, and driving back home before I did anything else. Now I only need to accommodate 30mins every morning and I have the entire evening to relax after a long day. Not only does it save time, but I’ve actually saved money on gym memberships and fuel to drive to the gym.

* Accomplishment. The sense of achievement after each workout is amazing, especially if you work hard to push yourself to the max. Anyone that has done Insanity will know exactly what I mean. It also gives me time each morning to do something for me, and get my head straight for the day ahead. I always feel more organised and ready to take on any challenge that the day has for me.

I would strongly encourage those who want to give Insanity a go to modify the workout to suit them. I am a firm believer that if you don’t have time for yourself, then you don’t have time for anyone else. As we are living in a world that is so fast paced, it is essential to take a small amount of time each day to do something that is beneficial only for you. No matter how hard your day was, you can always be rest assured in the knowledge that you’re getting stronger and no challenge can defeat you.

Stay Strong, Warriors.


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2 thoughts on “Insanity Workout | My Experience

  1. I’ve been wanting to try insanity however it’s very intimidating. I’m thinking I’ll give it a try after reading this. I have another 35-45lbs to lose and I’m doing more weight training than cardio. I try to get in 30 minutes 3x a week but I feel like heavy lifting is benefiting me more than spending countless hours on the treadmill


    1. Hi jolielavieblog , give it a try but don’t stop weight training. Insanity is great for improving cardiovascular capabilities but lifting serious heavy weight is the way to go to drop the 35-45lbs you intend to lose. Also add a 10 mins yoga to hasten recovery after you lift weights.


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